Lisnave is a yard based in Setúbal, Portugal, and Syncview have been working with Lisnave in the past few years creating and producing drone footage to document the dry docking process.

Recently Lisnave had the opportunity to accommodate simultaneously two vessels from SOLVANG ASA with whom they work together for many years.

One more time, Syncview was present to capture nice drone footage of CLIPPER SATURN and CLIPPER VENUS side by side during the repairing process.

Ship Repair - Portugal - drone footage
Clipper Saturn entering to the hydrolift
Ship Repair - Portugal - drone footage
Clipper Saturn entering to the hydrolift


Lisnave’s origin dates back to January 1, 1937, when the CUF Group took over the concession of the Rocha Shiprepair Yard concession situated on the north bank of the Tagus estuary in Lisbon.

All activities are since then concentrated in Mitrena, Setúbal, Portugal.

Ship Repair - Portugal - drone footage
Clipper Saturn e Clipper Venus side by side
Clipper Saturn e Clipper Venus side by side

What it is dry docking?

The process of dry-docking refers to when a vessel is taken to the service yard and brought to dry land so that submerged portions of the hull can be cleaned and inspected. This work is both preventative as well as a regulatory requirement within the industry.

Normaly the surveys of the vessels happen each 5 years.

How we made the video ?

We filmed with 3 different cameras the entry of Clipper Saturn to the hydrolift, and we recorded a 3 hours time-lapse of these entry from the ground and with the drone we made some hyperlapses. Then we documented all the repair process (cleaning, blasting and painting ) of the two vessels. Then you captured the departure of Clipper Venus when it was ready to go.


Here you can check another video with drone footage from a ship repair in Portugal.

Why should you get a video from the ship repair process?

  • You can promote your company at the social networks
  • You can use it to update your linkedIn
  • We offer high resolution images, both in photography and video
  • We can document the teams working on board too
  • Your company will have a document that you can use as a historical file of the work done

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Ship Repair - Portugal - drone footage
Clipper Venus departure

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